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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:New York, United States of America
"I am interested only in nonsense, only in that which has no practical meaning." - Daniil Kharms, 1932

That said, I'm here on LJ mainly to share fannish interests, write fanfic and encourage other people in their endeavors, whether fannish or otherwise. Some of that actually does have practical meaning, but you get the drift.

I will also talk about my real life, because as I haul myself into my 40's, I find that I have led a rather interesting life and I'd like to record some of the semi-interesting stuff that happens. You can feel free to skip all that business because I have no illusions about myself: I am often maudlin, boring, giddy or drunk. I talk a lot about cats, I work with a Cat Rescue Group. #kitten confidential

Intense Real Life stuff is friendslocked to protect myself from snoopy people. If you are interested in international news, non-profits, UN organizations and their strange bureaucracy, people who want to help save children, journalism, documentary film making, radio, television and/or office politics, depression, anxiety, my marriage & friendships OR random stories about crazy shit that happens in New York City, you may be interested in the friendslocked stuff. [Let me know and we'll get to know each other!]

All fannish stuff is unlocked. General whining is unlocked. General updates on various things are unlocked. Cat stuff is unlocked.

**All my FIC is in TAGS on the RIGHT. I don't use Memories, because I hate that function.

If you friend me, and we have mutual interests and a good rapport, I will friend you back.

If you want to talk via IM, please let me know. I need some IM buddies.

I'm not here to make trouble, but to have a DARN GOOD TIME.

Content herein is NC-17 oftentimes, so please be 18 years of age before reading.
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